Our company is setup with commercial equipment with the ability to handle Residential and Commercial estate sized properties.

Spring Pruning & Summer Bush Maintenance

Spring pruning on fruit trees to prepare for summer growth.

Summer bush maintenance includes hedge trimming, tree branch trimming to keep your shrubs, bushes and evergreens healthy and in good shape for the season.

Spring Cleanups:  April 1 thru to May 15

Package A: Power rake, Cut & trim including final blow

Package B: Power rake, Cut & trim including blowing of leaves from
                    garden beds and tree wells

Package C: Power rake, Cut & trim including blowing of leaves from
                    garden beds and tree wells including core aeration

*Core Aeration also available separately.

*Spring Fertilizer application is also available.

*Over Seed & Core Aeration Package.

Mini Skid Steer Services: Year Round

We offer a wide variety of mini skid steer services including Bark mulch installs, top soil & dirt work, tree removal and brush removal.


Snow Removal:

Variety of equipment to keep all driveways cleared & accessible. 

Weekly Lawn Mowing: May 15 thru September

Weekly lawn care includes cutting and trimming of lawns, blowing off decks, driveways and hauling away clippings. Our fleet of Mowers range in all sizes and can accommodate any sized property.

Fertilization Program: As per season

We offer (3) applications throughout the season, a spring, summer and fall fertilizer. Also available is Certified Weed control which can be arranged with client as per yard requirements. Certified Weed control available for one time application or a season price. 

Fall Cleanups: October

Blowing and raking of leaves and debris including the final cut & trim and then hauling away everything.

Fall fertilizer application also available.

House checks: November thru March

Weekly cabin checks are available which include a visit once a week to the site, checking and recording temperature, water shutoff, toilets and fridge/freezer working and property looked over inside and out.

Dump Trailer Hauling:

Need material hauled away? Our dump trailer services can assist in hauling away materials such as dirt, branches, trees etc. We can also bring in new bulk materials to your property.